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Pack a Pencil Case for PNG!

Momentum Church is all about sharing Christ's love to others. The bible tells us to love your neighbour as yourself and our PNG neighbours need some help! Our friends Geoff & Marina Jansen of Island Home Goes PNG have a wonderful ministry helping to support the people of the Louisiades Archipelago of PNG. We've learned that the children in the schools have very little of the most basic items including stationery.
So we've decided to 'Pack a Pencil Case' or two for the children in PNG!

We are filling to the brim the Studymate style of pencil case that is shown below. If you would like to know more about 'Packing a Pencil Case for PNG!' contact us at Momentum Church for details.

What can you pack in your pencil case?

Think old school needs

Lead pencils colored pencils (no felt pens please)

pens erasers scissors glue sticks Chalk*

rulers & math’s equipment: compass & protractors small dictionaries

small spiral notebooks

Please take note:

Chalk is an essential for the children as the teachers use large black boards and not whiteboards.

Mini black boards would be great for the children but difficult to find these days.

We purchased our Studymate pencil cases @ 49c from Officeworks here on the Gold Coast. The same brand can be picked up at your local Kmart.

Have fun packing!

Pencil Case