Not just a Facebook Memory.

Do you have a story to tell?

I know I do.

We tell snippets of our stories every day of our lives: Face to face, on the phone, texting, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and countless more. Many of us are keen to divulge our daily life to others and sometimes we can share way too much!

Every thing we say, every conversation we have, every photo we share, what we write or do, tell a part of our story to the rest of the world.

Imagine that your personal story was published in a book. How would it start, how would it end?  You are the main character, but who or what provides the contention? Who do you do battle with? How would your story read to others?

Would we be cheering for you or wishing for your quick demise?

If your story is nearly over, perhaps you’re thinking about your headstone: some pithy or sentimental statement that sums up the story of your life.

And after the story is over, there are still Facebook memories popping up in people’s feeds to remind others that we live on in their memories.

But is that really true?

I think that I want my story to be built on truth and not vague hopes.

I want my children’s stories to be built on a firm foundation on believing in the Lord God who created the Universe and who knows our story from the beginning through to Eternity.

Last year, the Lord God spoke to me about my story. God always knows our hearts and He showed me that there are no Plan B heroes in God.

If we read about the amazing Heroes of Faith in the Bible, we think wow! But c’mon, that was then, this is now.

We tend to distance ourselves from the events and the people as being this fantastical moment that played out in Bible times.

Yes, we can all agree that they were flawed Heroes who made huge mistakes along the way and needed the Lord to save the day.

But still.

Then I read in the book of Hebrews, about the many famous heroes of faith who fought the good fight.  And I discovered that others are included on the list too, women and men who remain nameless, martyrs to their faith without the joy of making a line in History’s books.

Did remaining anonymous make these people plan B heroes, who couldn’t make the headlines?

And then there is that scripture about Jesus doing other miracles, too many to be listed here in the Bible.

Did this make these miracles, Jesus’ miracles no less, plan B miracles?

Were these events not quite dramatic enough to make the cut?

So I began to think.

Things that Jesus did weren’t even mentioned in the Bible. Just because I am not in the bible, does that mean my story isn’t important?

Does this mean, that I am not just a Plan B disciple /Christian who missed the cut-off for the Bible?

I remembered that at the end of days when we face the Judgment seat of Christ, Jesus will open the Book of Life to see if our names are written down inside.

He will either send us to Judgment or say: “Well done good and faithful servant. I rescued you and gave you so much and you did this with what I gave you”.

We each will have a story to tell.
It might not be in the Bible, but it can be in the Book of Life.

That is way better than a Facebook memory.

In our own stories, if we follow the Lord, He will give us opportunities to stand strong in faith, declare His name and worship only Him.

You and I can each be the Hero of faith in our own narrative.

What about our children?

Their stories are just beginning, but growing every day.

We have the opportunity now to encourage them to live their story faithfully to the Lord: to write chapters honoring Him.

We want them to know that each of their stories is important and to their eternal purpose in Him.

In 2017 ‘Go Kids!’ the Children’s Ministry of Momentum Church, wants to partner your family to help you bring your children’s stories to life!

Our hope is for them to understand that each of their stories had a beginning and will have an eternal conclusion.

Each child has a story of eternal significance.

We will focus on teaching our children that each one can be a Hero in their story just like the Heroes in the Bible.

Each of these Heroes believed God and followed through.

Our aim is to support you & your children to believe God and follow through!

I also intend to share my story with you. As I document the creation of each part of this curriculum in this Blog, I will add a chapter or an adventure from my own life or my family’s life.

I hope this will encourage you to reflect on your own story, the characters, the twists and turns, and where you are going.

In God’s story, no one is an afterthought.