Welcome To

Momentum Church

Discover who we are,

And where the Lord is taking us

Our Ethos

Generosity, Service & Love

We all have a need to belong, rather than just fitting in.  Belong to family. Belong to community. Belong to God.

It’s like coming home.

Momentum church is being built on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ: A home for believers and like any home or any family, we share the same inherited character of our Father.

A loving & generous Father who gave His Son so we could live; a Son who came to earth as a servant to show us the way to love others.


Mission: Sending Us…Sending Me.

Living water flows, propelled by the Life of God and so are we, each called to move forward in His love; propelled by His Holy Spirit to go and impact the lives of others, with the Gospel of Christ.

Whether it be in the home, in our community or to other nations.

His Spirit beckons: sending us…..sending me.


Vision: Jesus transforming lives through you and me.

Jesus came to set the captive free and bring life abundant in Him!
As a church, our heart is to see lives redeemed & transformed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ; to see His people moving in their eternal purpose and to see a community grounded and growing in Christ, sharing the amazing love of God:
through us, through you, through me