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What’s Going on at Go Kids 2019?

Our Vision

From the earliest age group ‘Go Tots’ to our older Fusion students,our heart is for your children to know and experience that they are loved & belong to God and are equipped in the faith to grow & go with Jesus wherever He may lead.

We have a brand new curriculum called ‘Faith Builders’!
Find out more about our curriculum below.

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What happens at Go Kids?

When your child enters the Go Kids Ministry, each Sunday morning they will accompany their families to worship in the main meeting. We consider this to be an important time for parents to lead their children to sing & worship the Lord with the rest of the congregation. There are also opportunities for the children to receive prayer or minister in the gifts of the Spirit.

What happens at Go Kids?

After Worship time, Go Kids are released into their various groups for interactive story- telling & drama, hands on teaching & activities followed by a fun creative workshop.

What’s my Go Class?

Go Tots Creche (Babies-2.5 years)

This group is a parent run crèche.

Go Kids (3yrs- Year 4)

Includes 2 age groups:

Zoomers: 3-4yrs.

Go Kids: Prep- year 4.

Teachers: Miss Narelle & Miss Ashleigh

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Fusion (Years 5-8)

Pre-teens are thinking about deeper issues of faith. Our aim is to give them the opportunity to explore the big questions and real- life issues they face daily, through discussions, interactive activities & games. Our pre-teens meet in a separate class room and may take the opportunity, to train as Junior Leaders and serve on roster in the Go Kids class.

Teachers: Miss Cil and Miss Lee

  • Fusion (Years 5-8)
What are we learning?

What are we learning?

Our curriculum is Bible based, Australian & created in house to remain organic & culturally relevant to the local family.

This year we are launching our new curriculum, Faith Builders, which is all about building up our faith in Christ


As part of our curriculum, every child receives a blank Portfolio at the start of the year. Each Sunday we will fill their portfolios with photos of your child, scriptures, art and craft. Parents & children will receive their completed portfolios at the end of the year. It is a great keepsake to look back on and review their growth in God!

Kids In Service Sunday

What is K.I.S.S?

Kids In Service Sunday!

As part of the children’s learning to become active members of the body of Christ through love and service, we have Kids In Service Sunday! Go Kids takes over the whole morning service! This usually happens halfway through the year. The kids take over the ushering & greeting, sing with the Worship team, lead & serve Communion and preach the word! It is always a special day at Momentum Church and our families love it!

  • Kids In Service Sunday

How do we look out for you?

We believe that the Go Kids Ministry serves the whole family. We want to ensure that you are comfortable with our team and that your child feels safe.

All our teachers have current Blue cards. Each child will be signed in before church by parents or nominated caregiver and signed out before release to the nominated person.

Families will receive a monthly newsletter informing you about all plans!

Plus, see our Momentum Church face book page for regular updates.

How do we look out for you?

Can we visit?

Absolutely! Our Go Kids team would love to welcome you and your family on any Sunday!

Can we visit?

What’s our bottom line?

Our Vision for all your children:

Is to know they belong to God, to grow strong in Christ and to go wherever He may lead!

What’s our bottom line?

What is our Mission for 2019?

To establish and build up the children’s faith in Christ, so that they know that their place of safety, their rest, their home, is in Christ Jesus!


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We look forward to meeting you and partnering with your family to grow in the Lord!

 The Go Kids Team 🙂

Contact Go Kids
Email gokids@momentumchurch.com.au or visit our Contact page for more options.