The Best Thing Ever

The Best Thing Ever

I first heard about Jesus when my mum used to faithfully pray with me every night:

Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,
Look upon a little child;
Pity my simplicity,
Suffer me to come to Thee. (Charles Wesley)

And then we added this last part:

God Bless Mummy and Daddy,
Nanna and Barbra, Allan and
Elizabeth and Jan and me”

So, I heard that Jesus was gentle

I was sent to Sunday school, as many children were in the 60’s and my strongest memory was singing:

“Jesus loves me, this I know, cos the bible tells me so.”

So, I heard that He loved me.

At age 13, I was ‘confirmed’ into the Anglican church and permitted to have communion. All of this was meaningless to me, but I dutifully learned my catechism.

Because this is what I heard I should do.

Later in my teenage years, any connection with God seemed to disappear. I was living my own life and God seemed to have nothing to do with it.

Then I became very ill at 19 years: glandular fever which affected my liver and my University studies and my social life. I was virtually bed bound and in quarantine.

My niece decided to lend me some books to read. Being an avid reader, I lapped them up.

One book was about Brother Andrew who smuggled Bibles into Russia and the other book was ‘The Hiding Place’ by Corrie Ten Boom. Reading these books was life changing.

Eternity life changing.

Inside the pages, I discovered that people could hear from God! He spoke to them, guided them and answered their prayers!

I was amazed. I wanted to hear from God too.

And God was speaking to me.

I just didn’t understand.

He was drawing me, stirring me, calling me, to have a relationship with Him.

Only I was not ready. I put Him aside, fell in love and became engaged to be married.

We decided to enjoy our Honeymoon before our wedding and we set off to Canada for five exciting weeks of travel!

Canada Honeymoon

Then it happened.

Mid-air on a gondolier, moving up to the top of a Canadian mountain.

God spoke to me.

I heard from Him. Personally.

He told me that if I would come to Him and follow Him, He would be my Father and my home forever.


And then it happened again. Mid train ride across the Rockies.

God spoke. Same message. Same heart.


What did I do with this?

I listened. I waited. I thought.

And I didn’t tell anyone. For quite a while.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore and spoke to my sister who had recently come to know the Lord. She shared the Gospel with me and I became a believer.

I had heard from God and I wanted to hear more!

I was in relationship with the creator of the Universe.

And it was the best thing ever.

We all hear from the Lord differently. He knows how to talk to each one of us, because He knows our hearts.

And so, when I am teaching the children about Noah, I want them
to understand that Noah heard from God.

Noah walked with God. Noah was in a relationship with God.

And it was the best thing ever.

Yes, he built the Ark. Yes, he and his family and the animals survived the flood.

But the most amazing miracle of all?

To me, it is that the Lord God of all the earth desires to have a

relationship with you and me.

Not just Noah.

You and me.

Now that’s the best thing ever.

The Cross